A ‘PSA For Boobs’ — Because Some Women Want You To Stare At Their Cleavage

I’m not willing to call this 3rd Wave Feminism, because I don’t want to have my balls roasted over hot coals by every 3rd Wave Feminist on the Internet, but this is certainly something new and next level. So what if the next level that I’m referring to is actually a level of complete sarcasm, it’s brilliant. My ONLY PROBLEM with the ‘Boobs Public Service Anouncement’ is that they couldn’t even spell ‘announcement’ right in the headline.

If you’re gong too philm & releece a virile vidyo u mite as wel member to spel the hedline korrektly…amirite u guise?

I suspect that once this video hits 1M views that comments on YouTube are going to look like the 7th Circle of Hell. The trolls and feminists will be clashing in a way unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. They do make some pretty poignant points in this video though…Why would someone spend an asinine amount of money on an uncomfortable bra only to get offended when someone takes notice? /s

UPDATE: It appears the video I embedded earlier was a stolen version of the one you now see above, filmed and created by Megan Sass. Go subscribe and check out her YouTube channel by following this link!