Psychologists Discovered That Doing THIS Automatically Makes Men More Attractive (But It Doesn’t Work For Women)

Another day, another story about how to make yourself appealing to the opposite sex that doesn’t include “eat right, go to the gym and don’t be a fucking doorknob.” The dating game is simple, and the rules are:

  1. Be attractive
  2. Don’t be not attractive

Unfortunately not everyone is able to follow those rules, which means we are constantly inundated with “tips” and “tricks” on how to get laid. According to the British Psychological Society, one such “trick” is to tell a good story.

No, not like Harry Potter or The Jungle Book – just a personal story that’s interesting. No “I went to the grocery store and bought milk today, THE END” crappola. Something fun, something interesting and something that won’t make me yawn and put my headphones back on mid-sentence (I’ve done that before, don’t test me on it).

John Donahue and Melanie Green ran experiments with 388 undergraduates in the USA who were asked to rate the attractiveness of a potential partner of the opposite sex based upon a photograph and a short biography which, in some cases, highlighted their ability to tell a good tale.

Both male and female participants considered storytellers to have higher status than non-storytellers.

It’s bad news for women who know how to tell a story, though, as apparently thisdoesn’t make them more desirable.(via)

Unfortunately for women, the British Psychological Society specifies that their findings “didn’t translate into finding women more attractive, whereas for female raters, there was a clear route from men’s storytelling ability to status to desirability as long-term partner or spouse.”

Translation: tell stories, get laid, get married, die.

The End.

[H/T Mirror]