‘Lieutenant Dog! You Got New Legs!’ Puppy Runs On 3-D Printed Prosthetics For First Time


Meet Derby the Dog. Hi Derby!

Derby’s front limbs were underdeveloped at birth. Most puppies with that condition are put down. But not Derby! That’s because Derby was fostered by Tara Anderson, who happens to work for a company that specializes in 3-D printing. From The Dodo:

The skilled staff at 3D Systems soon set about crafting a custom set of prosthetic legs that would not only help Derby to move more naturally, but that would also let him live out his full potential as an energetic pet. Several design attempts later, they finally settled on an oval-tread shape, designed to fit Derby’s unique anatomy.

Derby was adopted by Sherry Portanova and now he’s loving life. Look at Derby go! Go Derby go!

[H/T Gawker]