Watch The Cutest Pup Ever Set A Guinness World Record For Catching Balls With Her Paws

Purin dog guinness record balls caught paws

YouTube - Guinness World Records

Purin the beagle is not only probably a better goalkeeper than you are, she’s also 18 million times cuter. And now thanks to her mad ball-hawking skillz (with a z because she’s rad) she can add another Guinness World Record to her resume.

That’s right. Another one. Purin already held the Guinness World Record for catching balls with her paws that she set last year with 11 in one minute.

Now, after working for 15 minutes a day on her catching with her master Makoto Kumagai, she walloped her old record and snagged 14 mini soccer balls like there was nothing to it.

Let’s see a cat do that.