Dude Gets Put To Sleep So Hard By A Brutal KO That He Starts Snoring

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This gentleman would like to have a discussion with his girlfriend’s brother. However, it doesn’t go so swimmingly. Within seconds of requesting to engage in discourse, the girlfriend’s brother ends the heart-to-heart conversation by knocking out the boyfriend with one brutal punch.

The boyfriend gets so savagely KO’d that he is not only out cold, but he starts snoring. He was out so cold it was like he was on the perfect Sleep Number bed. This dude probably woke up to snow on the ground and Christmas music playing.

It seemed rather bizarre that he was snoring after being knocked out, since his body should be utilizing all energy and resources to prevent him from dying. But because he was on his back, it caused his tongue to drop to the back of the mouth.

Wake up, little snoozy. Smell the smelling salts.