Ukrainian Brewery Launches ‘Putin Is A Dickhead’ Beer Because The Whole World Hates Russia

by 3 years ago  •  2 Comments

The entire world knows about the enmity and hostility between Ukraine and Russia, but Russia doesn’t seem to realize the entire world is throwing a middle finger in their direction. The Russians invaded Ukraine, indirectly or directly depending on who you’re talking to, and they did it like a bunch of assholes. Currently their entire country is falling apart at the seams due to international sanctions, and it’s hilarious to see them suffering due to their own hubris.

In an effort to remind Russia how the world thinks about them one Ukrainian brewery has released a ‘Putin is a Dickhead’ beer, sending a huge message to the dictator in Moscow responsible for Russia’s current collapse. So Ukrainian bros (and rest of the world), cheers to hating Russia and watching them suffer for being dickheads!

Moving along, how do we get some of that Obama Stout sent to the office so we can pour it out in defiance of our socialist President?!


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