Bro On Tinder Has The Perfect Question For A Preachy Vegan Girl On Tinder

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There is NOTHING vegans love more than telling you about why they’re vegan. Like crossfitters and Prius owners, they can gasbag for days about their self-righteousness for not eating animal products. They do it from a pedestal of smugness that’s often nauseating for those of us who don’t like other people’s ideals rammed down our throats.

For example, a new vegan restaurant just opened in my neighborhood. Rather than naming it “Yummy Tofu Burger” or “Earth’s Delight,” they settled on the delightfully smug name of “Superiority Burger” — a name that literally makes a judgement about those of us who still enjoy shoving juicy, grilled black angus patties in our face.


Which leads us to this Bro who swiped a vegan on Tinder. The conversation inevitably turned to her talking about being a vegan. Then he asked a question that got him unmatched very fast:



I guess it wasn’t meant to be. All I can think of is South Park after reading that.