Racist Couple Leave Bigoted Note For Server Instead Of Tip, Saying ‘We Only Tip Citizens’

Prior to Donald Trump’s baffling ascension to becoming the Republican party’s presidential nominee, it wasn’t okay to be blatantly racist. White supremacists and racists alike had to congregate in secret and whisper God hates the gays to each other behind closed doors for fear of drastic repercussions from society…yet here we are, in 2016 and it’s suddenly okay to be a giant fucking bigot:

Which leads us to a “tip” left for 18-year-old Sadie Elledge, a waitress at Jess’ Lunch in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Sadie was doing her job just as you’d expect, when she found that a couple she’d waited on had stiffed her a tip – and not only that, but they left her a note saying that they “only tip citizens.”

Fun fact: Sadie Elledge was born in the United states.

Fun fact: Sadie Elledge is a legal American citizen.

Fun fact: Just because someone is Mexican and Honduran, doesn’t mean he/she is an illegal immigrant.

Fun fact: being a giant fucking bigot is not an excuse for not tipping your server.

These fun facts may be obvious to you and I, but to your average idiot with a chip off their shoulder? Apparently not.

[H/T Esquire]