Rapper Juvenile Is Now A Home Appliance Hype Man – “Girl It Clean Good, Won’t You Buy This Dishwasher?”

Juvenile, of “Back Dat Azz Up” fame, has extended his talents to a new business venture – home appliance sales.

Because who said a multi-platinum rap artists can’t sling some Kenmore and Whirlpool on the side!? Hype men exist outside of rap! They’re called marketing people, duh.

Juvenile showed off his sponsorship and marketing skills getting behind M.C Appliance – a local St. Louis store – by posting a hype video for their products on his social media feeds. Dude hasn’t lost a step since 1998, for real.


Hot fire appliance hype right there!!! And Juvie’s man on top of the washing machine was holding it down too, I see him up there doing his thing with that shoe phone.

You literally have no excuse not to buy your next appliance from M.C! Not one. Who gives a fuck about shipping costs yada yada…these are the only appliances in America that have earned Juvenile’s hip-hop stamp of approval!!! Do you know how much game you’ll pull with this toaster right here?

And seriously, I want to go on record to say that Juvenile officially invented twerking way back in 1998. Take a look at the video, people. And then get down to M.C Appliances for a new dishwasher!!!

via Hot New Hip Hop

h/t Barstool Sports

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