The Number Of Rats In This Restaurant That Haul Ass After The Lights Turn On Is WAY Too Damn High

Rats are pretty similar to cockroaches (or ‘palmetto bugs’ as we call them here in Florida) in the sense that if you see one then chances are there are a hundred hiding somewhere close by but out of sight. That’s why this particular clip is so disturbing, because the number of rats we saw scattering when the lights were flipped on was extremely high. Some people in the comments of this video and on an accompanying Reddit thread are suggesting that the kitchen where this took place is Buddy Bites and Brews in California, but I can neither confirm nor deny that.

Still, I would like to know where in the balls this truly took place because this is extremely disturbing:

Normally I’d watch this video on repeat and count the number of rats for you bros because I take this blogging game seriously, and accuracy is important to me. However, I’m still in detox after living in NYC for the past decade. Now that I’m back in my ancestral lands of Florida I don’t have to think about rats anymore, and this video’s bringing up some shitty memories for me. Memories like the time that I woke up to a mouse running across my bed, across my legs, in the middle of the night. Or the time that a rat actually charged at my 85-pound dog because we got too close or something.

(via r/videos)

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