This Is What A Rave Full Of 6-Year-Olds Looks Like And It’s The Most Bizarrely Hysterical Thing You’ll Watch Today

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Every month there’s a monthly party called “CirKiz” held at a club called Cielo in New York City’s Meatpacking District. What’s so special about CirKiz, you ask? Why it’s full of 6-12 year-old kids hopped up on Molly, fruit punch and glow sticks of course!

Just kidding, they’re not rolling their balls off…but they do have a fuckload of neon stuff and glow sticks around them. And fruit punch too, I’d assume, since you can’t serve liquor to children unless you’re my grandparents who used to get my Dad to fall asleep by doping him up with whiskey. That might also be a joke but I’m not sure because my Dad denies it and my grandma mentioned it once when she was drunk, so let’s just stick a “Maybe” label on that.

Even though none of these kids are “on” anything, watch the video and just pretend they are. It’s really funny, I’m not kidding. Usually I lie about how funny things are but this time I’m not, swearsies!


THIS kid has no idea what the fuck is going on:



Not sure if this kid is dancing or having an epileptic seizure:



Bottle service for children = apple juice:



I can’t decide if this kid is just REALLY feeling the music or if he drank too much apple juice and is on the verge of wetting his pants:



Then we have this kid who’s rocking back and forth in a semi-fetal position. My best guess is that he’s epileptic and wants to go home, but his parents were like “I don’t care Jimmy, you are GOING to this birthday party because we already bought her a gift and I couldn’t find a baby sitter for you in time for me to make it to my 3:00 spin class!”



tl;dr: what the fuck did I just watch.


[H/T Elite Daily]

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