INSANE: Ray Williams Is The First Man To Ever Squat Over 1,000 LBS Raw In Powerlifting History

Super Heavyweight and reigning World Champion Ray “Ray Ray” Williams has made history for his record-breaking squat. On the last day of competition at the Powerlifting Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia, Ray brought out the big guns. The goliath squatted 1,005 lbs raw and became the first man to squat 1,000 lbs squat in competition history.

Using no squat suit, no knee wraps, and the lifter has to unrack and walk out the weight themselves, Ray became the first person to ever lift 1,000 lbs in IPF/USAPL history.

Here’s another angle of the astonishing achievement.

My knees are tremoring in fear and ready to disintegrate just watching this video.

This isn’t the first time that Williams has hit 1,000 pounds. While it was not on the competition stage, he managed the same extraordinary feat just last month.

Ray Ray is an absolute beast!