Real-Life Fight Club: Teens Brawl In Organized Clashes As 100 Classmates Cheer And Mock Them

Over the past six months, teenage boys have been gathering to engage in a Fight Club-style brawl. High school-aged boys use WhatsApp to organize the events in the Galician city of Lugo in Spain. However, they seemed to have forgotten about the first rule of Fight Club because several videos of the donnybrooks have been uploaded online.

And just like the movie Fight Club, they too have rules. The rules include no hitting a person when they are down on the ground and no biting. The kiddie fight club has referees and look-outs to make sure the police don’t spot them.

In one video, two boys try to knock each other out in front of a cheering crowd of approximately 100 classmates. One 15-year-old lad is left with a bloodied nose, as the onlookers laugh at his beatdown.

“There’s a fight at least once a month,” one boy said.

The organized fights have sparked a police probe into the violent brawls.

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