Watch These Real Tattoos Come To Life On People’s Bodies Because It’s Creepy

by 5 years ago

It’s tough deciding on a tattoo. You don’t anything awful on your body forever. Unless you’re a putz.

Imagine the pressure you’d be under if those tattoos came to life someday, like this…

The world’s first live tattoo video mapping event recently took place in Lisbon, Portugal. Documented in Ink Mapping, which was created and produced by Oskar & Gaspar, we get to see how an array of tattoos were brought to life in intriguing fashion, thanks to the unique animated projection technique. The clip features absolutely no post production, as you get to see the artwork come to life in real time, moving, shifting and shaping across the human body.

Luckily all of these participants have good ink. Imagine this woman having her tattoo come to life.

[via High Snobiety]

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