If Your Bro’s Getting Married You Need To Show Him ‘Realistic Wedding Vows’ Before He Makes A Stupid Mistake

Wedding season’s about to kick off and that means that either you or one of your bros is likely tying the knot and his life will change forever. Some of you bros out there might not approve of the woman your bros marry, but you just sit back and let your bros make their own mistakes, because you don’t want to cause a bro schism. But I’m here today to tell you bros that there’s ONE THING you can do before it’s too late: share that video of ‘realistic wedding vows’ with your bros, and show them what the future of their marriage has in store.

Sure it’s all meant to be a joke, but for some people either getting married too soon or too young, or for people getting married simply because they’ve been with the person forever, well life’s going to such major donkey balls down the road. However, thanks to the comedy team ‘The Kloons‘ that made this video the future does NOT have to suck those major donkey balls. This video can be used as a last-minute hail mary to stop people from making stupid decisions regarding the rest of their lives.

If some of the people in this video look familiar that’s because you might recognize The Kloons from their comedy series ‘Sisters’, where two bros record conversations between their mother and aunt, and act out those conversations. In the past I’d been bringing you each and every one of those videos, but I neglected to post the most recent episode of ‘Sisters’, so here it is: