People Shared Some Of The Unusual Reasons They’ve Ever Had To Reluctantly Turn Down Sex

reasons reluctantly turn down sex


No one with a brain ever really wants to turn down a chance at sex. Speaking as a guy, I think it would take nothing short of a natural disaster for me to say no to a little fun in the sack, but sometimes it just happens.

That being said, in order for someone to turn down sex, despite the fact that they’d really like to have it, there has to be a good story as to why. This is obviously something that Redditor zirtbow realized when he asked the question, “Has anyone here had to reluctantly turn down sex? Why and what happened?

Here are some the best and most popular responses…

She called me at 11pm wanting to get down and dirty but was clearly drunk. I said no because she wanted me to pick her up and I was playing Dota at the time. ~ bot-vladimir

My crush of a year at the time had just broken up with her boyfriend and was crying to me after a couple of drinks. She told me I was the only one who treated her right and she was going to make it up to me, she then proceeded to grab my dick and make out with me. I told her I wasn’t going to do it because she wasn’t in the right frame of mind but instead I would cuddle her to sleep instead. Three months later she gets back with that guy and ditches me in a heartbeat. ~ NadaGerman

I had a chance to have sex with this beautiful girl. However, I had slept with another random girl about 4 days prior to this and hadn’t gotten my tests back (I always get tested after having sex with someone new)

No sense risking it and possibly fucking up her life. ~ therealmaxipadd

I was having a casual fling with a girl in college that I went to HS with, and we agreed there were no strings. We had fooled around some, but hadn’t had sex.

Well one day I’m checking the chat log on my AIM Bot (yeah I’m old) and she confessed to it that she was falling in love with me. I didn’t see a future between us because she wanted like a dozen kids and wanted to live in our hometown, and I wanted something different.

So later in the day we both ended up naked together, and I just couldn’t string her along so I made an excuse and left. It all worked out in the end, we drifted apart and she met a guy and married him and has 3 kids now and I’ve been happily married for 8 1/2 years. ~ mattreyu

She was married. Her husband was in the Army, over in Afghanistan. I’m glad I didn’t. ~ thereverend666

I was at my best friends apartment waiting for him to get off work when his girlfriend of two years showed up. She had already cheated on him and he knew but they lived together and he couldn’t afford the rent on his own so he was waiting a few weeks to confront her about it until he had a new roommate lined up.

We have a few drinks and she starts to kinda hit on me. He isn’t due for two hours so we could totally get away with it. She starts showing me weird Japanese tentacle porn as a joke that quickly progresses to normal porn. I’m hard as a rock and we are sitting on the floor shoulder to shoulder. She says that she is really horny and notices what I thought was well hidden erection and gently tugs the head and says that she can see I am too. She gets up and says come back to the bedroom with me. I say I can’t. She says I’m horny and I’m getting off with or without you so come on. I can’t do that to my buddy and tell her so.

She says well you are a better man then I and she goes back in and leaves the door open. I can hear her start masturbating and low moaning so I go into the bathroom and start jerking it cause I’m imploding (she was really hot). So we masturbate to each other through the thin walls of the cheep apartment both finish then she gets in the shower. We kinda joke back and forth a bit about it then pretend like it never happened after that.

Sometimes I still think about that and wish I would have because they broke up a week later and he is now married to a not shitty girl. I never even told him about it because I was still kinda in the wrong and she was already on her way out but I’m also glad I didn’t fuck him over. ~ LegalElk

She was 15/10 looks and 20/10 personality. But she was also a virgin and wanted to lose her virginity to me. I had been around the block a couple of times and I knew we weren’t going to be anything so I encouraged her to sleep with a mutual friend who she really liked and was also a virgin. They are now married and have 4 kids. ~ Bloody_Hangnail

Still dealing with this one: this girl, May, I went to high school with is friends with my best friend, Daisy, and my all-of-high school ex, Hannah (I dated her for all of high school, then broke up with her).

Pretty much, May wants the d. Like a lot. But if I were to give her the d, then Daisy would kill me and Daisy is actually one of the best friends I’ve ever had. May has gone to great lengths, including exploiting the hole in my heart left by Hannah, to get the D.

Now, I’m not superhero. I’m just a guy, and May is a pretty hot girl. I haven’t always had the strength to say “no” in time, so I’ve made out with May and we’ve felt each other up, but I’ve ended up saying no before things got too bad. But she thinks I’m playing hard to get. Now she only wants me more. I don’t need this.

She wants to adopt a turtle with me. And dress it up like a taco. She wants a taco turtle. She sent me a snap that said “We should adopt a turtle” and all I thought was “who is we? There is no ‘we.’ There is no turtle” I don’t want a taco turtle. I just want to keep my friends in a world where amphibious reptiles don’t dress as Mexican dishes.

EDIT: to clarify, daisy don’t want the D. Daisy is looking out for me, because she also knows May is crazy. I mean… taco turtles. Isn’t the first rule “don’t stick your dick in crazy”? Cmon boys, if any of y’all were me you wouldn’t be on Reddit, you’d be buying turtle food and/or fresh taco ingredients. ~ Beanfactor

It happened a while ago. I was in a Summer Program in High School, with a “College-like experience” in which we stayed in dorms for 2 weeks.

The first day of the program we were all trying to get to know each other, so much of the people went to a nearby pool to fool around. I stayed in my room a bit to rest before going to the pool. In my way out of the room, there was this girl fighting with a vending machine because her chips were stuck. She was very good looking, so tried to be smooth by helping her. I gave a slight sideways punch to the machine (just like they do in TV), and it actually worked! The chips felt right off. Needless to say, she was impressed. Why wouldn’t her?

She then asked me if I was going to the pool, to which I said yes. She said she was going back to her room to change quickly, and that I waited for her outside in the hallway. While I was waiting, she peaks through her door and says if I could help her with something, so I go to her room.

When I get in the room, there she was, all naked telling me if I wanted to play for a while. For which I then started to get nervous, ended up making a dumb excuse about being tired, and left after a few minutes. There was something about fooling around with a girl that I just met over some chips that wasn’t very comforting. She never talked to me again for the remaining of the program.

TL;DR I punched a machine, got the girl, and then derp the fuck out. ~ Giemper

I was Christian at the time and I actually took the whole “don’t have sex before marriage” thing pretty seriously. ~ Mangalz

I’ve turned it down three times, and it’s difficult as fuck for me. I’m not a player at all so the opportunity RARELY arises for me to have any kind of sex at all, let alone with someone who doesn’t want to be paid for their time.

• 15 years ago I had an opportunity to stick my dick in crazy, and I mean bat-shit insane. I needed to get laid so badly but I fucking noped out of there at the last second. So glad I did. Today she has 4 kids from 3 baby-daddies now and all of the fathers are in prison. She herself has been in and out of jail as well. No regrets.

• Second time this 10/10 lonely housewife quite literally begged me to half-way across the country (US) to pick her up from her husband who wasn’t satisfying her sexually. This one was a bit easier due to distance, but my dick still hurts a little thinking about it. Ties were cut shortly afterwards. Some regrets.

• The last time: I had an ongoing casual erotic-roleplaying thing with a friend online-only, and she happened to move only a few minutes away from me. This was at a time my wife (then long-term girlfriend) and I were going through a lot of trouble and even broke up for a bit. I decided for the sake of the relationship I would politely decline. Wrong choice, and now at my age and lifestyle I’m sure as shit unlikely to get that chance ever again. Maximum regrets. ~ PM_ME_SNUGGLES

Got hit on by a married woman. It went pretty far (she was naked in my bed) before I finally had the what-the-fuck-am-I-doing moment, so I guess that counts as reluctant. ~ djsekani

I was at a party and met a girl who wanted to hook up. A few days prior, I was in a rush and zipped my dick in my zipper, so shit was out of commission. As she’s giving me ‘the eye’, I can feel the scab ripping as my pants are getting tighter. No bueno. So I made up some excuse about being too drunk and let her promptly hook up with someone else like 2 minutes later. God dammit. ~ shitterplug

I think we have a winner.

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