Grouper Weighing Nearly 400-Pounds Was Caught In China And This Fish Looks Old Enough To Have Eaten Dinosaurs

by 3 years ago

DailyMail / People's China

A grouper weighing roughly 380-pounds has just been caught in the Guangdong Province of Southern China. The fish was so large that a crane was reportedly necessary in order to lift the gigantic grouper off the fishing vessel and onto the docks in Shantou.

Local fisherman (commercial and recreational) are claiming that this is the largest grouper ever caught in this region of China, and after seeing photos of his fish I’m convinced that it probably is…not that I’m an expert in the fish of China’s Guangdong Province (just kidding, I totally am). After seeing photos of this once-in-a-lifetime grouper I’m convinced that this fish was olde enough to have eaten dinosaurs, and was in fact a living dinosaur itself before being taken by local fisherman:

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