Some Fisherman Caught A Warsaw Grouper That’s Bigger, Stronger, And Heavier Than A Middle Linebacker

Angler Scott Gettle was fishing off of my hometown of Sarasota, Florida last Friday when he hooked into what turned out to be a gargantuan Warsaw Grouper. After fighting the fish for the better part of the hour, Scott Gettle was able to drag the 269-pound grouper up from 550 feet of water. The fish was caught while Scott and friends were on a 30-hour fishing charter and fishing 120-miles offshore of Sarasota, in extremely deep water. This massive grouper isn’t even close to being a new IGFA Fishing World Record for Warsaw Grouper, with the current world record sitting at 436-pounds, also caught off Florida in the Gulf of Mexica (in 1985). However, this gargantuan grouper is ABSOLUTELY the catch of a lifetime, and probably yielded about 10,000 fish tacos and/or fried grouper sandwiches.

It’s always a great when you get to see your hometown in the news, and it’s especially great when I see my hometown making headlines for something awesome like fishing, instead of ‘testicle eating fish‘ or ‘dude has sex with dolphins‘.

The 30-hour fishing charter was aboard the ‘Sarasota Offshore‘ fishing charter, and ran such a lengthy amount of time because it takes nearly half a day to run out to the fishing grounds when you’re fishing in 550 feet of water (120 miles offshore). So presumably the crew had plenty of time to call this fish in on their run back to the dock, and the news crew wasn’t just chilling there while waiting for a 269-pound Warsaw Grouper to show up to the docks.

[via SNNTV]