There’s An Army Of Red Crabs Swarming The Ocean Floor And It Looks Like A Terrifying Alien Invasion

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Ever since I studied abroad in Ciudad de Panamá, the country (and waters) of Panama have been near and dear to my heart. Between the Zane Grey Reef and the Hannibal Bank Panama‘s got arguably the best offshore sport fishing in the world. Gatun Lake running through the center of the country connects the Panama Canal to the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, it’s also full of peacock bass, tarpon, snook, and crocodiles.

Truly, up until watching that video above I loved nearly everything about Panama but now I’m concerned that it’s being overran by an alien species of red crabs hellbent on punishing the country of Panama for providing a tax haven to the world’s financial elite. Also, I’d just like to send a huge shoutout to my fellow BroBible editor David Covucci for sending me this creepy as fuck video of the red crabs in Panama. You all know David from amazing headlines such as What It’s Like To Have Sex When You Have Two Vaginas, From A Woman With Two Vaginas and Best Dog Ever Leaves House To Go Pee, Comes Back With A Pound Of Marijuana.

Let’s get back to the red crabs of Panama…Just look at these little creepy, crawly shits swarming the ocean’s floor, looking like they’re straight out of a Ridley Scott movie:

Here’s what the WSJ has to say about the finding of these little crabs:

Scientists exploring a Pacific Ocean ecosystem have stumbled upon an undiscovered horde of thousands of little crabs. They say this is the southernmost population of this crab species ever found, extending its known range

Not a whole lot can be gleaned from that little blurb of info, I guess one could make a case that it’s potentially tied to climate change but I’m not sure that it’d be fair association. I think this was just a fluke finding by scientists, one that likely proves the impending crab apocalypse is going to strike any day now.

If you’re looking for more info here’s a longer version of the video above (3min instead of 1min):

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