Best Dog Ever Leaves House To Go Pee, Comes Back With A Pound Of Marijuana



Whenever my dog starts sniffing about in a park in New York City, I know she’s about to get into something disgusting.

In no particular order, here are some things she’s grabbed off the ground and bolted to the other side of the park after hearing me scream “No!”: unused tampon, used tampon, used condom, unused condom, styrofoam tray of Indian food, bagel that had been sitting in the rain for a day, ball of tin foil, Ziploc bag of cheese, human poop, dead mouse.

It’s all awful crap that leaves her puking for days.

Never has she grabbed anything good.

Which is why I want to trade her in for this very good dog, out of Mississippi, who left his house, and came back with a pound of marijuana.

The dog’s owner called the Jones County Sheriff’s Office in Laurel, who disposed of the drug. Neither police nor the owner are sure where the dog got the drug.

Now if only the dog could do this as well.

[Via the Associated Press]