Redneck Chick Goes HAYWIRE On Dude In BMW Who Tapped Her Truck At A Red Light–Gives The ‘F*ck You Tit Grab’

by 3 years ago

Hey dude in the BMW, for future reference, you may not want to put a video up on YouTube that portrays you to be a massive beta bitch. Like ya Amy Schumer’s redneck sister was actin’ a fool, but you were legit talking to the police like she was wearing a suicide vest holding a baby and a golden retriever puppy. Relax, bro–give her a Bud heavy and a needle and she’ll go on her merry way.

When you pissed but the molly just kicked in

I love how when she gets out of the car, the driver inches forward, obviously having an internal dilemma on whether or not he should leave this crazy broad in the middle of the road grabbing her titties.

Dude let his escape from Shawshank moment slip through his fingers. He’s locked in for life.

[h/t TFM]