Hot Chick Gets Rejected From Job By Being Sent A Text Calling Her ‘Basic’ With Crying Laughing Emoji

Did you assume that hot girls got all of the breaks? It turns out that it isn’t true. Poor Megan Dixon here just wanted a waitressing job at the Miller & Carter steakhouse restaurant in Lincolnshire, England. However, she was not only rejected, but she was rejected with a rather unprofessional text.

The 18-year-old was interviewed by assistant manager Shantel Wesson earlier this week. Megan did not get the gig, but did get a text job rejection that included calling her “basic” as well as a crying laughing emoji.

At least there wasn’t a poop emoji.

Megan told the Sun, “At the end of the interview, I asked when I would hear back. She told me it was never more than a few days and she had my email. But I got the texts a few seconds after leaving.”

Megan also said that the “interviewer was unprepared and her phone was going off throughout the interview. So unprofessional.”

“I was shocked, Megan said. “The least she should have given me was some proper feedback.

“And the laughing face emoji was so unprofessional, she added. “It was a really bitchy thing to do.”

Yeah, just say the typical hiring manager line of “We’ll hold your resume on file in case anything arises that you are qualified for.”

Megan said Shantel “didn’t even shake my hand, didn’t have my CV out and was just sat drinking a coffee.”

Classic case of girl-on-girl crime. Shantel maybe felt threatened by how attractive Megan is.

A spokesperson for Miller & Carter said:

“We can’t apologize enough to Megan. It was never our intention to be disrespectful or upset her in any way. The texts were sent in error and were intended for our manager, not the candidate. However, we expect our team to act professionally at all times and to give constructive feedback after any interview via email. We are taking this extremely seriously and will be investigating to ensure it never happens again.”

I have no idea if Miss Dixon is qualified for a waitressing job, but I will say that Miss Dixon is qualified to wear bikinis. So keep your head up Megan, I’m sure your new-found popularity as well as your hot girl privilege will open doors for you very soon.