Instead Of Searching For ‘Red Flags’ In A Relationship, Take Notice Of These ‘Green Flags’ Which Show A Person Is A Keeper


Red flags have ruined many relationships.

“That was a red flag…”
“This was a red flag..”
“Talk about a red flag…”

People spend so much time searching for, and concentrating on, all of the signs that a person isn’t right for them that they forget about some of the good qualities or fail to notice those characteristics at all.

This article wants to remind people to pay attention for the green flags or the good qualities in a partner.

They communicate well about their thoughts and feelings, and give you the chance to do the same. This includes respectful boundary setting and asking for your input on things that affect you.

They’re passionate about something, whether that be work, a hobby, or their circle of friends. Having something that makes them happy outside of a relationship is a good sign they can be independent and won’t rely on your for all emotional needs.

They can admit fault when talking about past relationships.

Finding a person who’s able to explain exactly what they want, a person who has a life outside the relationship and who can admit fault is totally a keeper. But there’s a catch. There’s always a catch. YOU ALSO have to possess these qualities. So work on your green flags too.

[via LifeHacker]