Research Says Doing These 7 Things During Sex Will Take It From ‘Meh’ To ‘WOW’



Having sex with the same person over and over again gets old. It’s like, dude I’ve seen your dick 500 times already – the 501st time isn’t going to be any different, nor will the 502nd or the 503rd. That’s not to imply this isn’t a two-way street though; if your girlfriend rolls into bed wearing the same vagina-stained (YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT) panties she wears every night and a bra that looks like it’s from a Mormon conversion camp straight out of the 1920’s, it’s not like you’ve got any reason to throw extra effort into your hump session.

And that’s precisely the problem – couples who’ve been together for extended periods of time don’t necessarily get “bored” of each other, but it’s not as exciting as it was in the beginning. New research, however, implies that the key to keeping the spark alive is to incorporate these seven things into your daily bump and grind:

A massive study of 38,000 people has found out just what it is that keeps the flames of passion burning.

It’s anal stimulation.

Well, not just that – but also trying new positions, talking dirty, having massages, wearing racy lingerie, using sex toys and saying, ‘I love you’, during sex.

Researchers analysed data from 38,000 people from an NBC News survey, looking for common factors among couples who described themselves as sexually satisfied.

They found that such couples tended to be more adventurous – and to actually talk about sex.(via)

60% of the people who labeled themselves as “dissatisfied” with their sex lives had a tendency to agree with the statement “I feel that my partner doesn’t know how to excite me.” Now, whether “excitement” equates to “Anally-induced cattle prod stimulation” or “SURPRISE, I brought home ketchup packets from Burger King to squirt all over each other while we make fuck tonight” depends on the person – but the point is that just like it takes two to tango, it takes two to work towards not becoming painfully bored with your shared sex life.

Or, y’know…ketchup packets.

[H/T Metro]