The Most Revolting Video EVER Shows A Gnarly, Infected Tattoo Erupt Into A River Of Pus

infected tatttoo video

YouTube - Amazing Amazing

There’s a reason I used the image above instead of a screenshot of the infected tattoo in the video below and that’s because it might be the grossest thing I have ever seen. That warning up there is no joke, people.

And that’s saying something considering the last time we saw someone with an infected tattoo so vile it almost literally made me heave.

Dr. Pimple Popper has got nothing on what you are about to witness.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the video’s description…

This is the truly revolting moment a river of brown pus erupts from a man’s infected tattoo. The clip begins showing a Mexican man lying face down on a bed, his entire back covered in an intricate black design. Half of his back is red and inflamed, and he has a wound from which his friends drags out stringy pieces of a burst cyst with nail clippers.

After pulling and pulling, the infected ‘plug’ is removed – and what happens next is certainly not for the squeamish. A never-ending river of brown, murky pus sprays out from the wound, pooling on the man’s back. As more and more fluid flows out, his companion tries to mop it up with a towel, which soon becomes completely soaked.

So yeah, be sure to share this with ALL of your squeamish friends because, really, that’s truly the best thing to do with these videos, isn’t it?

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