Let’s Get Enraged At ‘Rich Parents Of Instagram’ With $100,000 Champagne Bottles, $80,000 Rolexes, Ferraris And Lambos

by 3 years ago

Do you like to be enraged by the extreme extravagance of “Rich Kids of Instagram?” Then you’ll be infuriated to the max by the mind-blowing affluence of “Rich Parents of Instagram.”

While you and I work our fingers to the bone to live a meager existence by clawing and scraping for every dollar, these super wealthy fucks are flaunting their maddening fortunes. So let’s hate-gawk at these rich asswipes Ferraris, $20,000 Rolexes and $100,000 bottles of wine.

That’s a great advertisement to get robbed.

HA! I’ve got CVS receipts that are hella longer than that shit!

You should have skipped buying your daughter a Loutboutin and bought her an ass.

*Does a raindance*

“Whoops! My keys accidentally fell out of my pocket and somehow scratched the entire side of your car. Sorry about that.”

Hey may be wealthy, but he’s dumb as a fucking rock for lying there instead of inside the plane.

I can only hope you spill a McCafe all over that white interior.

Birds never shit when you need them to.

I hope your chrome car blinds a tractor-trailer in the oncoming lane causing the driver to swerve left.

Bodyguard? He can’t even guard his body from donuts.

What time is it? Time to be an extravagant douche.

I call that shitty paintjob a drag on your fuel mileage.

I hope a cart gets windblown into their vehicle.

I hope someone took a shit in your Big Mac.

For having such a sweet ride, that garage is tiny. Fucking peasant.

This is by far my favorite photo of the group.

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