Trump’s Interior Secretary Pulled The Ultimate Power Move This Morning And Rode To Work ON A HORSE

by 2 years ago

It’s been another tumultuous week of D.C. politics, with a report of Donald Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, meeting with Russian ambassadors and denying it during his confirmation hearing. But screw all that national security noise — Trump’s newly appointed Department of the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke just pulled the ultimate FLEX in D.C. by RIDING TO HIS FIRST DAY OF WORK ON A HORSE LIKE WYATT EARP.

The 23-year former US Navy SEAL from Whitefish, Montana went full Wild West on D.C.  Is there a bigger first-day-on-the-job power move ever?

He’ll oversee the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement and the National Park Service, along with managing US Federal lands.

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