People Lost Their Minds After RNC Speaker Appears To Do Nazi Salute To Donald Trump

by 4 years ago

Those watching the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night were whipped into a furor after conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham appeared to give a Nazi-like salute to Donald Trump at the end of her speech.

The “heil, mein Führer”-esque salute was immediately mocked on Twitter.

How did we not see this coming, espcially since Donald Trump has been unfairly compared to Adolf Hitler since the beginning of his campaign. In addition, Ingraham publicly railed against “the far left, comparing the Republican Party to Nazis and Goebbels” back in 2011 while appearing on The O’Reilly Factor.

Of course, it is easy to accidentally make that heinous gesture, isn’t that right Hillary?

Ingraham did get big applause breaks during her speech, especially when she talked about people burning the American flag and how Trump called out “phonies, frauds, and corruption.”

Ingraham also went on a blitzkrieg against millennial hipster men who wear skinny jeans and man buns.

Looks like Trump will lose the precious man bun vote.

Or will he get ALL the man bun votes?



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