Nasty Road Rage Fight Erupts In The Middle Of A Highway In Boston

These two gentlemen had a disagreement while driving on the streets of Boston. So they talked it out. Just kidding! They stopped their cars in the middle of the road and started to fight. The two exchanged some pretty decent blows. The guy in gray wisely pinned the fluorescent green dude on his own Mercedes and used the car like boxing ropes.

In the middle of the brouhaha, some fucko lays on the horn. Why the fuck does this person continue to honk? The car is not moving because some dude is looking at porn on his phone at the red light or a woman putting on makeup. You honking isn’t going to make them have a revelation: “Oh I had better move my vehicle because I am causing traffic congestion.” It’s two grown-ass men trying to knock the fuck out of each other. They are fighting in the middle of a highway, I don’t think they are concerned with anything except ramming their fist in the other gentleman’s face.

The real losers of the fight are sunglasses. Both pairs of shades got smacked off their faces.

ProTip: Take your $250 sunglasses off before throwing punches.