This Road Rage Video Shows A Bro In Flip Flops Almost Get Shot By Driver, Then Rampage All Over Shooter’s Car

We’ve seen our fair share of road rage videos, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one as nuts as this one. A man in a t-shirt, shorts, and I assume, flip flops, argues with a a couple of dudes inside a stopped car. The driver exits the vehicle with a gun and you’d think that would scare off the pedestrian attacker in sandals, but nope.

First of all, the music. Perfect A+ selection.

Secondly… dude was like a kangaroo! Using his legs to kick in windows and take off doors, collapse the roof, and shatter the windshield. The driver holding the gun was flat out flabbergasted. Had no idea what to do with a looney tune who wasn’t afraid to get shot while demolishing his whip.

The Reddit user who posted it claims this is in Russia and is the best road rage video of all-time. My guess is it’s perfectly okay to shoot someone for talking smack over there, so I’m not sure why the driver is holding back with the bullets. I’m not advocating shooting anyone, but if you feel your life is being threatened… I dunno. Where’s the line? Seems like the flip flop fury fighter was more concerned about killing the car than its passengers.

What I want to know is how the guy royally going bananas didn’t break or sprain anything. Like, once the rage subsides and the drugs he’s definitely on wear off, what’s his medical bill looking like? I counted at least three times when bones should’ve broke and ligaments should’ve torn. And, the girl ripping off his shirt at the end? No better way to finish. Bravo! Bellisimo!

Add this to the list of insane road rage incidents. Using a truck as a battering ram, hitting your enemy with a shovel, calmly sedating a man with a knife then beating the piss out of him. Not even moms and kids are safe from the RAAAAAAAGE!

Via Reddit

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