Watch Out, Bros: Hordes Of Girls Are Ganging Up To Cyberbully You In A New Trend Called Roasting

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Teens! When they aren’t trying to develop the nuanced life skills required to function in modern society, they are doing whatever they can to get the peers they mildly dislike to commit suicide.

What a beautiful dichotomy, really.

Their newest effort, that will no doubt lead to a moral panic and federal legislation (especially because it is aimed at men and nothing spurs society into action faster than relatively minor rights of men being infringed on), is called roasting.

It’s when a gaggle of gals text bomb a dude until he snaps.

I’m into it. Here. Let me roast you.

You fucking suck. You’re worthless. You have no friends. No one likes you. I heard Marcy wanted to have sex with you and you didn’t even know where it was supposed to go.

God, that was fun. I wish I was a teen girl in the mid-2010s.

From The Telegraph:

Girls are ganging up on boys in a new cyberbullying craze called “roasting”, a digital safety expert has warned.

The new bullying takes place via mobile apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook, where girls pick on a boy and vent the most offensive abuse until the victim “completely cracks”.

As The Simpsons put it.


The trend was first spotted in the UK. Those Europeans. So ahead of us.

Charlotte Robertson, of online safety consultants Digital Awareness UK, said roasting was prominent among pupils of leading independent schools as well as in state schools across the country.

She added: “Girls will roast boys. They will create an online chat room about another boy.” Ms Robertson said girls join in because “they are trying to show bravado and competitiveness”.

Asked whether this is just a continuation of online bullying, she said: “It’s very severe and people will ride on the back of what’s trending in world news.

“They will use killings or any bad news by way of inspiration to create a nasty “meme” about someone.”

Oh god, so they’d do something like take a picture from the Nice truck attack and send a caption that says, “Nice going, Jeff?”

Fuck. That’s brutal.

How do I get in on this?

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