Rob Ford, Aka Toronto’s Favorite Mayor, Is Now Beating The Shit Out Of The People He’s In Rehab With

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Rob Ford is up to his usual antics, except this time he’s beating the crap out of his co-rehabbers instead of shooting heroin. I guess it’s one or the other, he can either smoke crack or punch people. Personally, I prefer druggie Rob Ford just because the news headlines are hilarious.

” Toronto Mayor Rob Ford fought with fellow rehab residents during his two-month stay at GreeneStone Clinic, and was removed from his group therapy program for being verbally abusive, according to a report.

‘Ford broke things, got into fights with other residents’…

Sources said the embattled mayor physically and verbally abused other GreeneStone residents who were angry he had ‘brought his circus with him.’ Ford reportedly shoved and argued with other patients in common areas at the facility. Even counselors complained about the mayor, sources added.”

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If Saturday Night Live still had Chris Farley we’d be getting THE BEST sketches since Sarah Palin and John McCain ran for the oval office. But no, we’re stuck with Kenan Thompson and that God-awful “What’s Up With That” sketch. Someone in the casting department needs to hire a fat white guy STAT, before Ford drunkenly stumbles his way out of the limelight.

And yes, I know Bobby Moynihan does the Rob Ford sketches, but we need someone who actually looks like they fell off a wagon and has a frog stuck in their throat.

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