The Rock Had An A+ Response To A Guy Trying To Follow His Training And Diet Plan For 30 Days

the rock training diet plan

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So you want to be like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, do you? Who doesn’t? We all do, but one man on Reddit is taking it to the extreme.

Calling himself nycballer, this man has decided to follow The Rock’s workout regimen as well as diet for 30 days. This week he posted that he’s halfway through and shared how he is doing it and some of what he’s discovered.

Now the list of requirements he’s attempting to follow is a tl:dr nightmare (you can read the whole thing here), but it includes a diet consisting of 5,390 calories, 533g of carbs, 97g of fat and 430g of protein… per day.

It also includes a laundry list of exercises and weight lifting requiring a whole lot of time on the elliptical, chest exercises such as cable crossover supersets, Romanian deadlifts for the legs, rope overhead tricep extensions for the arms, one arm DB rows for the back and hammer strength shoulder presses for the shoulders.

Oh, and about 25 or so other lifts and exercises within a given week. No biggie.

Of course this being the Internet The Rock somehow got wind of this guy’s effort to emulate him and issued this response…

Awesome. Typical Rock.

As for what this guy has learned now that he has completed half of his mission…

The hardest part actually is the food prep: having to make 7 meals a day, every day, for month is hard to do with a full-time job and a family to take care of…

Though I’m 6’3”/207lbs and The Rock is 6’5”/260lbs, I haven’t gained any weight eating 5,000 calories a day. I would have thought at this surplus it would have led to putting on some weight. But I’m noticeably building muscle while getting leaner.

He also discovered that eating like The Rock is not cheap, costing him about $42/day. $18 of which is just for all the cod he eats with three of his SEVEN meals per day.

Apparently being The Rock is both time-consuming as well as very expensive. Who knew?

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