Ronda Rousey Just Put ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ On Blast For Photoshopping Her Picture

After filming her interview for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Ronda Rousey was asked to do what’s become fairly standard for celebs in the spotlight: promote said interview over social media.

However when Rousey received the approved images she was supposed to use over her Instagram account, she realized something was off: her arms and legs had been Photoshopped.

According to Rousey, Photoshopping images goes “against everything I believe and I am extremely proud of every inch of my body,” prompting her to post the following to her Instagram account:

While Ronda won’t divulge who edited her image, I think it’s pretty fair to say “It was literally anyone and everyone.” Most professional photos these days are edited to appear almost “impeccable,” and while there’s currently a movement advocating against such a prevalent use of Photoshopped images in media it hasn’t really stuck. And why would it? Some people are comfortable in their bodies like Rousey and don’t mind showing off their supposed flaws, however most want to exude the idea that they’re superb at all times.

Until companies realize they can make a profit without having to sell the idea of “perfection” along with their products, we’ll continue to see a shitload of Photoshopping everywhere. Women like Rousey can take a stand against it as much as they like, but until the tide turns as a whole we can probably expect a lottttt more Instagram posts of Ronda calling out companies for editing her body coming our way.

[H/T Metro]