Ronda Rousey Keeps Promise, Attends Marine Corps Ball

by 3 years ago

In August, Jarrod Haschert invited Ronda Rousey to the Marine Corps Ball with a video that went viral , and on Friday night his dream date came to fruition.

Marine Lance Cpl. Jarrod Haschert was accompanied by Rousey, who was the belle of the ball. But just last week Haschert said that he hadn’t heard from Rousey and wasn’t sure if his celebrity crush would attend.

Thankfully for Haschert, Rousey’s fight against Holly Holm was moved up to Nov. 14, freeing up her schedule for the event in South Carolina.

Ronda told TMZ, “promised I would go and it’s an honor to be asked,” despite the fact that she would “probably stay on the couch crying and eating ice cream for like another month” if she didn’t have such a good reason to leave the house.”

“After the fight, she never hesitated for a second whether or not she was going to attend,” a source close to Rousey told ESPN. “She made a promise to a Marine and was going to keep that promise. It was as simple as that. That’s Ronda.”

This was Rousey’s first public appearance following her devastating loss to Holm. Rousey recently told ESPN The Magazine that she’s been “really fucking sad” and hasn’t left her house much since the loss. She seemed in much better spirits at the Marine Corps Ball.

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