The Tragic Tale Of How ‘Rough Sex’ Lead To A Man’s Arrest And A Dog’s Sorrowful Death

We take you to Jersey City, N.J. where a simple misunderstanding lead to a harrowing situation. James Manning and his wife Diane Manning were having “rough sex” and it sparked a jealous and protective rage into the couple’s pit bull named, Lily.

“We were having sex in the bed, a little rough, when my dog got agitated and jumped on the bed and attacked him,” said Diane. “She thought he was hurting me and I was telling the dog to get off him and I was screaming and that made dog more agitated.”

Rough sex? More like ruff sex? AMIRITE!?!?

Neighbors thought the screams of passion were a rape being committed so they called 911. The officers busted into the apartment and by their accounts, James commanded the dog to attack the police officers. When the dog lunged and attacked them, the cops shot the dog dead. Police also said James reached for a knife. He was charged with two counts of aggravated assault for commanding his dog to attack police and charged with weapons offenses related to the knife. James Manning’s bail was set at $50,000 cash or bond.

However Diane has a much different account of the situation. “When they came in there were so many of them. They shot my dog while she was on top of my husband. He never told the dog to attack the police. I kept saying, ‘This is my husband please don’t shoot us’…. I was telling them ‘Help me get the dog off him.'”

She said she had two hunting knives under the pillow of a chair far out of reach from the bed, and that no one reached for the knives during the tense incident.

“All I saw was the white flash of the bullet,” Diane said. “She yelped but wouldn’t let go of him and then they shot her again. Then they handcuffed us… I was begging them ‘Please let me go to my dog.’ My husband was bleeding all over the place from his leg. ‘Please let me do something.'”

So please, be careful with the rough stuff kids. Nobody wants to see their dog shot right in front of their eyes as a loved one gets carted off to jail.


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