Hero On Company Earnings Call Asks CEO If Revenue Has Been Negatively Effected Because Of Harambe’s Death


Earnings calls for shareholders are about as exciting as getting your ear drums dug out with a fork. That said, they’re important — it’s a publicly-traded company’s time to disclose information about their business to the general public. Usually analysts from big financial institutions ask questions, wanting to know how a stock will be positively or negatively effected.

On Ruby Tuesday’s recent second-quarter earnings call, a caller got through the usual screening process and proclaimed he was Bud Fox. Bud Fox, as you may recall, is the Charlie Sheen’s character in Wall Street, who idolizes Gordon Gekko at Jackson Steinem & Co. The caller asked CEO JJ Buettgen about Harambe, resulting in the ultimate Baba Booey moment.

Operator: “Our next question comes from Buddy Fox with Geneva Roth Holding Corporation.”

Buddy Fox: “I just have one question. Do you think your revenues are negatively impacted by Harambe’s death and if yes, do you have any plans to mitigate it?”

JJ Buettgen: “Excuse me, can you repeat your question please? Impacted by what?”

Fox: “By Harambe’s death and if yes, do you have plans to mitigate it?”

Buettgen: “I am sorry. I don’t know we have a bad connection. I couldn’t quite hear the question.”

Operator: “He has lost connection.”

Amazing. Am I the only one who thinks this is a perfectly valid questions?

This is exactly what Harambe would have wanted, I just know it.

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[H/T: Business Insider]

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