This Guy Who Managed To Maim Himself By Running Over His Own Head With His Car Is Either Brilliant Or A Stupid Idiot



Whenever a story like this pops up in the news I’m always impressed. I mean really, if you had to figure out a way to run over your own head with your car how would you do it? You’d probably over-think the whole thing and wind up making it needlessly complicated, whereas apparently the only thing you need to do is to drop a lone cigarette on your lap and POOF! Exploded head.

A man suffered life-threatening injuries Sunday morning when he jumped out of his vehicle to avoid being burnt by a lit cigarette he had dropped down the front of his jacket…

As the driver jumped out after the cigarette fell, his van kept rolling backwards and he was knocked to the ground. The front driver’s side tire rolled over his head.

He was transported to a local hospital and is in critical condition, though police say he will likely survive.

A relative was in the front passenger seat during the crash and he was not hurt. Alcohol is not a suspected factor in the crash, and police do not anticipate the filing of any charges. They remind drivers of the dangers of distractions and encourage them to limit distractions whenever possible.

Via 9News

That’s a nicer way of the police saying “Hey fucksticks, y’all literally have ONE job and it doesn’t include crushing your skull with your car, so try to not do that THANKS.”

[H/T Gawker, image via Shutterstock]