Russia + Vodka + Saturday Night Fever = YouTube Gold

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This is one of those one-in-a-million videos where the stars align and everything comes out perfect. We’ve got a drunk Russian who can barely walk, set to the tune of ‘Saturday Night Fever,’ and it matches up flawlessly.

What brought this man to the nearly debilitated state he’s in? Vodka of course. This is Russia! What the hell else could he possibly have taken/drank? And true to Russian from, this video was obviously shot using a potato as a camera. The pixellation is as awful as anything I’ve ever seen…yet somehow that doesn’t detract from the video’s overall effect.

One of the more beautiful things about this video is that he’d likely never be able to pull of some of those moves if he was sober. It’s the liquid gold that’s giving him the dancing range of a young Travolta, and if you’re not impressed you’re just lying to yourself:



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