RUSSIA: Wild Boar Attacks Passenger In Car, Passersby Kill Boar Using Kitchen Sink

This is without a doubt the MOST RUSSIAN video you’ll ever see, in terms of ‘WTF’ levels. Here a wild boar attacks someone in a car, in the middle of a town, and then a passerby kills the boar using a kitchen sink found on the side of the street.

Now I know what you’re thinking: ‘Cass, how can this be the MOST RUSSIAN VIDEO EVER when it doesn’t involve vodka, bears, or corruption?’ And to that I say ‘how the hell do you know that every person in this damn video isn’t drunk? You’d have to be hammered to see a crazed wild boar of that size attacking a person and think to yourself ‘You know what, I bet I could use this trashed kitchen sink sitting in this trash heap to kill that boar and bring glory upon Mother Russia!’

Also, why the hell was this video shot using a potato for a camera?

Yes, I know this video is slightly old. No, I do not care, it’s still completely WTF.

And now for some highlights in GIF…

The boar attacks:

The sink attacks…The car finishes it:


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