Only In Russia: Man Goes To Dump, Bear Attacks Man, Man Attacks Bear Using Old Computer

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Russian man goes to dump to find old scrap metal, bear sees man and charges him, man throws old computer at bear and wins the battle.

And on top of winning the only injury sustained by the man was on his hand, and the injury was sustained from throwing the computer, not the bear. Just another day in Russia…

From the Moscow Times:

A man rummaging for scrap metal at a dump in western Siberia had technology to thank after an old computer helped him fend off a hungry bear.

The unidentified man was looking for non-ferrous metals at a dump in the Tomsk region on Saturday when he was spotted by the bear, which immediately rushed toward him, the Interfax news agency reported Monday, citing local ranger Sergei Yelnikov.

When the man saw the bear coming, he picked up a computer that was lying nearby and threw it at the animal, before both ran away in opposite directions, the report said.

“The villager hardly suffered at all; he injured his hand when throwing the device at the bear,” Yelnikov was quoted as saying.

It seems that bears attacking Russians and being smited by technology is a common story line these days, as back in August I reported on a man in Russia being attacked by a bear and being saved when his phone began to ring and the mauling bear heard his Justin Bieber ringtone and ran off.