Dude Creates Promo Video For Dance Marathon Children’s Charity Fundraiser And WOW, Truly Speechless

This bro is participating in the 2017 Rutgers University Dance Marathon to raise money for the Embrace Kids Foundation, a charity which supports children with blood disorders, cancer, and other life-threatening ailments. In order to announce his participation in the 2017 Rutgers University Dance Marathon, Anthony Mollica created this short promo video showcasing his sick ass dance moves. Having just re-watched Napoleon Dynamite last weekend for the first time in years, I can say with confidence that Anthony’s moves rival that of Napoleon.

A lot of people are poking fun at Anthony’s video, but I’m here to support his cause. I wanted to share Anthony’s charity donation page with you bros. Thus far, Anthony’s only raised $630 towards his $1,000 goal. I think, with the power of the Internet behind him, Anthony can use this dancing clip as a springboard into becoming the largest fundraiser that the Embrace Kids Foundation has ever seen.

All donations are 100% tax deductible according to Anthony’s fund-raising page. So, if you can find room in your bank account to spare as little as $5 to donate towards this amazing charity based out of New Jersey your actions can genuinely make the world a better place today.

Before you head off to donate, let’s appreciate Anthony’s killer dance moves once more but in animated GIF form:


Now let’s show Anthony, his dance moves, and the charity he’s supporting SOME SERIOUS BROBIBLE SUPPORT and CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE DONATION PAGE

(h/t reddit’s r/videos)