Science Says The T. Rex Definitely Did Not Have Feathers And Thank Goodness

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Jurassic Park T Rex

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Since humans knew about dinosaurs, we have speculated that they were reptiles with scaly skin. Then in 2011, there were dinosaur fossils found in amber that had feathers on them. That started a debate on whether Jurassic Park and Jurassic World got it wrong for having dinosaurs in the movies without feathers. Now scientists want the world to know that the T. rex did not have feathers.

Thanks to a new study published in the journal Biology Letters, paleontologists have determined that the Tyrannosaurus rex had scales and not feathers. Despite fossil proof of other dinosaurs having feathers, there was never a sign that the majestic T. rex had plumage. Paleontologists have studied fossilized skin from the neck, pelvis, and tail of a T. rex named Wyrex and there is no sign of feathers, only scaly skin. Scientists also analyzed skin impressions from large tyrannosaurs that lived around the same time, such as Albertosaurus and Gorgosaurus, and not one feather.

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It is believed that their earlier cousins which were much smaller did have feathers, but the gigantic tyrannosaurs ditched the feathers since large animals overheat more easily and don’t need the feathery insulation. “Big animals have trouble shedding excess heat, so being covered in feathers is not a good idea unless you live somewhere cold,” the study’s author Phil R. Bell said.

“This doesn’t rule out feathers on even the biggest tyrannosaurs, but does suggest they lacked a full coat of feathers,” said University of London paleontologist David Hone. They believe if tyrannosaurs had feathers, they would have only had them on their back or spines.

Thank the dinosaur gods! T. rex is totally fucking badass as an enormous reptilian monster rather than a giant fluffy big bird that would look like it’s wearing Hulk Hogan’s feather boa. Feathered dinosaurs are assholes.

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