Scientists Have Created a Sausage Out of … Baby Poop

by 4 years ago


Fuck scientists. Sausages. So juicy. So delicious. And now, apparently full of baby shit. Via Stuff:

Spanish researchers isolated three probiotic strains from infants’ feces and used them to manufacture their own twist on traditional Mediterranean sausages, similar to chorizo, called “fuets”.

And they tasted good, apparently.

In a paper published in Meat Science, the researchers reported the sausages to be “without any noticeable off-flavour”, after six “trained assessors” taste-tested and judged them on colour, smell, taste, hardness, ease of peeling and crumbliness.

But…. WHY? Well, to get the probiotic benefits of baby guts into your own stomach.

Dr Al-Salami said probiotics were beneficial for a range of bodily functions. “The bacteria used to be thought of only for digestion purposes,” he said. “Recent studies have clearly shown great involvement by bacteria in the immune system, production of vitamins, change of ph values of gut, processing of food.

So. Eat that shit.

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