Scientists Stuck A Bunch Of Inflatable Bags On Cows’ Butts To See How Much They Fart Each Day

As much as it seems like this is a complete waste of resources and something more likely to come out of the minds of a fraternity brother — “Oh lets fill up a bag with cow gas and make pledges huff it! — this has legitimate scientific value.

You see, methane from cows is a major contributor to climate change. The world’s rampant desire for red meat is ruining the Earth. Cow farts — COW FARTS! — contribute to 18% of the world’s greenhouse gasses. That’s fucking insane. And methane is much worse than the standard CO2 cars push out.

Just how much can a cow fuck up the planet? They can fill up a 55 gallon bag (you know, those big trash cans) with fart gas every day.

That’s fucking awesome. Go cows go. Kill this planet.

This snippet comes from a new Discovery channel documentary called Racing Extinction, that aired last week. I hope the whole thing was like this.

[H/T Mother Jones]