THE LORD HAS RISEN: Scott Disick Pulls A ‘Rehab Is For Quitters’, Plans To Host A Party In Vegas

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The other week some serious shit went down with Scott Disick: The Lord raged his face off until 8AM at Harrahs in Atlantic City (he was spotted in the lobby drunk off tequila without shoes), then he took a flight to Costa Rica to check himself into a rehab. I’m still confused what type of rehab it actually is since it involves tripping your face off on Iboga, an African drug that Hunter S. Thompson used to talk about.

Disick has now checked out of rehab (he was spotted at a nightclub in Costa Rica a couple days ago) and is already planning on going back to collecting his $50,000+ appearance fees by hosting parties, according to US Weekly. The average stay is apparently 21 days at the facility

First stop on Disick’s comeback tour: 1Oak in Vegas. This animal/father-of-three clearly just doesn’t a give a shit:

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Can’t wait for the stories. Let’s hope they’re even more epic that Atlantic City.

“Rehab Is for Quitters” — a t-shirt Scott Disick probably once owned.

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