Scott Disick Allegedly Got White Girl SHWASTED IN Atlantic City, Spotted In Casino Lobby Without Shoes At 8 AM

Atlantic City is a fun place. Sure, it’s a shithole, but it’s a shithole with charm. Jersey charm. East Coast, beast coast, “FUCK YOU, BRO” charm. I’ve been about five times in my years and I don’t think there’s been a single trip where I’ve gone to bed before 5AM. It’s a magical place.

Scott Disick a.k.a. THE LORD went big in A.C. this weekend, making a club appearance at Harrah’s legendary pool (….arguably the biggest bachelor/bachelorette party destination in the Northeast) to rage face and collect his appearance fee. The best part is that he allegedly got WASTED and was spotted “staggering around the Harrah’s lobby without his shoes at 8 AM Sunday.” Classic. via TMZ:

Talk about a long night … according to hotel sources who were dealing directly with Disick … Scott was incoherently staggering around the Harrah’s lobby without his shoes at 8 AM Sunday, and had to be escorted back to his room by a hotel supervisor.

When Disick arrived at the club Saturday night he immediately grabbed the mic from the DJ, and screamed London can suck his “d*** and balls.” Our hotel sources say he then proceeded to get trashed on tequila and beer, and hosed down girls with champagne.

Sunday morning hotel security was sent to check on him after he missed his check-out time by 6 hours and multiple failed attempts to reach him.
The good news? He missed his flight, but still somehow managed to make an appearance in Chicago Sunday night.

Sounds like a typical night in A.C. to me! Jersey: Where only the strong survive. Below is a video of The LORD yelling about London sucking his D. Dude gets to collect money for going to the strip club AND partying in A.C. What a life…  Poor Kourtney.

UPDATE: Scott Disick has apparently checked into rehab in Costa Rica. Of all the places to check into rehab, Costa Rica seems like a damn nice one. 

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