Scottish Bartenders Refuse To Wear Kilts To Work Until Women Stop Touching Their Junk Without Asking

If I told you a perk of working in a Scottish pub and wearing a kilt was “random women will grab your dong during work” you’d probably want to take every shift available.

It’s not as much fun as it sounds.

A group of bartenders at a pub in Scotland has gone on a kilt-strike, refusing to wear the traditional tartan skirt because women won’t stop groping them and peeking under the hood. In addition to lifting up their kilts to see if they’re wearing underwear, rowdy female patrons have allegedly groped the bartenders on their genitals.

According to assistant manager Iain Howie, the hordes of rowdy women think nothing of lifting a barkeep’s kilt in order to see just how Scottish he is — in other words whether he goes commando sub-kilt.

These women get all liquored up and hot and bothered and the next thing you know they’re getting white-knuckled around some poor dude’s bagpipes without his consent.

A Reddit thread also explained that it’s not just bartenders getting harassed. It’s basically any bro in a kilt at any time. Even kids are dicks about the whole tradition.

“I never go true [“commando”, presumably] in my kilt, anymore, for the very reason that women and children check. The most recent incident was a woman at a beer festival who lifted my kilt very high near the bathroom line. When I objected, she said, “It’s OK. I always check.”

It’s getting to the point that a grown man can’t even wear a skirt anymore. What’s this world coming to?

[via Death and Taxes]

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