Scumbag Gets Ferociously Body Slammed To Concrete After Sucker Punching Guy’s Girlfriend


Did you ever have one of those troublesome girlfriends that gets you into predicaments that you want no part of? Maybe you’ve dated that lippy girl who can’t keep her trap shut and runs her mouth at guys because there are no real repercussions for her. Typically guys won’t hit girls, they’ll take their frustrations generated from your girlfriend out on you because you’re her boyfriend. Well this was the case in this video where a girl’s mouth started a fight between two guys that originally had no beef for one another. Apparently this white girl was “raised black,” which she assumes entitles her to mouth off and start a melee with this rather large gentleman. She won’t stop instigating this guy despite the fact that he could easily obliterate her. Then the boyfriend has to step in and defend the honor of his “lady.” That’s when the girlfriend provokes the stranger once again by saying, “Yeah he’ll fuck you up.” While the two men are squaring off the one dickweed gets in a quick sucker punch on the girl, which doesn’t say much about your character if you’re A.) punching women and B.) sucker punching women. The boyfriend goes HAM. He stampedes towards the woman-hitting prickwad and proceeds to beat the ever-living shit out of him. It is culminated by the boyfriend lifting up Ray Rice Jr. four feet off the ground and viciously body slamming him on the concrete. You can really hear the thump as the one’s guy’s rib cage smashing into the concrete. Lessons learned: Don’t punch women and don’t have a yappy girlfriend that is going to get you into nasty street fights.