Seamless Has Merged with Grubhub, and You are a Pawn

Some details about the agreement:

  • The CEO of Grubhub will become the CEO of the new company
  • The CEO of Seamless will become the President of the new company 
  • The new company does not have a name yet.
  • Don't expect this to change anytime soon. Names, like goods and services that don't cater to general human idiocy and “not having one's shit together,” (example: “I just ordered seemless. I totally don't have my shit together.”) are very old-fashioned nowadays. Today, the best businesses might not be business at all. 
  • Neither company paid money–another antiquated concept–to acquire the other
  • This is playing out very much like watching two celebrities patting themselves on the back by having a conversation on twitter about absolutely nothing. 


[H/T: Gawker]